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What to Know...

A vehicle is typically the second largest purchase a person makes. We understand how important your vehicle is to you!  We promise only professional, reliable and efficient time in transit when shipping your cargo! Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding vehicle transport. If your topic is not covered below CONTACT us and we will respond right away! 

Can I leave items in my vehicle?
We allow items affiliated with the vehicle in the car during transport. Additional items should weigh no more that a combined 100 pounds. Should you require additional items to be in the vehicle, during transit, please ask discuss this with your Customer Service Representative. No items may exceed vision to safely navigate the vehicle on and off a truck. No items may be placed in the driver's seat of the vehicle. Understand that only your vehicle is insured during transit. 
What do I need to do to prepare my vehicle for transport?
We will provide a comprehensive checklist for shipping.
When will my vehicle be delivered?
We will pick up and deliver your vehicle within the dates specified if at all possible. You will be able to track your shipment once your vehicle is loaded at the Pick Up Location.
Do I need insurance on my vehicle while in transport?

Your vehicle is covered by Cargo Insurance, provided by the carrier, during transport. This insurance protects against damage while in transit. 
What if my vehicle does not run?
We offer transport for Running and Non-Running Vehicles. If your vehicle does not run, please indicate that to your Customer Service Representative. 
How far in advance do I contract to ship my vehicle?

You can book as early as you now when you would like your vehicle picked up. We can contract from months in advance to days in advance.  We can even provide same day pick up, in many cases, should your move be a last minute decision!
How much gas should I leave in my vehicle?
It is recommended that you leave between 1/8 and 1/4 tank of fuel in your vehicle.
Is Will Haul It, LLC Licensed and Bonded?
Will Haul It, LLC is fully licensed with the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Licensing and Bond information is available on the SAFER  FMCSA website for your review at any time! 
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